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Len Hovarter's New Vise

In Len's own words..

Video Demo of the Lenco Vise

The vise operates by using two independent housings with motion transfer between them accomplished by a flat steel bar that slides underneath the bench. A special clutch pulls the clamp shafts rearward when the handle is rotated. The design allows the user to set up the vise to operate with clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation for clamping. This can be changed at a later date but does require some dis-assembly. I plan on offering custom widths between 10" and 25" clamp shaft center to center distance. I will also offer the vise in a single handle version. The vise is also designed to tolerate wood movement to allow it to be used in the end vise position (cross grain).

Initially I will offer the face vise and then offer some variations that I have been planning. I have a leg vise built that operates without the need for a peg in the fulcrum arm and is also quick action. I have not had enough time to work out some of the bugs yet on it but I think it will work pretty well. I have made a rough prototype of what I call a carver's vise which will have a front jaw with the ability to swivel considerably to clamp irregular work either between dogs or in the vise jaws. One other variation that I have planned is an enclosed tail vise which would operate with a single clamp shaft, handle and housing. All of the different vises would use the same basic interchangeable parts which can be converted to a different vise as the user's needs change.

For more information regarding the availability of the vise email Len at len@lencotools.com

lenvise model

lenvise under bench

lenvise twin shaft

lenvise twin shaft