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Workbench resources available on the web

The goal in this section is to provide detailed follow up for the workbench design presented on this site. Since I first posted this site in March 1999, I've received several dozen emails with questions about how I did this? Why did I do that? And, so on.

Any woodworker is confronted with seems like a tremendous number of decisions to make regarding designing and building a bench that suits the user's unique needs and budgets. That's certainly what I faced, for the two years I fretted over just what to do. But, I found that, for me at least, research into what others have done, books, plans, magazine article and the


like was the path that led me to create the design that suited me best. For that reason, I created this section to be a resource for woodworkers to use as a reference area for workbench design, plans, materials and equipment.

But, I need your help to make this section better. Please e-mail me links to your favorite sites and resources that should be added to the lists.

The navigation panel to the left will lead you to sections on materials, equipment, plans and other sources of workbench information.